National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs)

Bottom-up cost models

Lator has developed flexible bottom-up cost models for fixed telecom networks. Depending on input parameters,cost models enable calculation of various costs in access and core part of network. The model is sutiable for regulatory applications, when specific costs of SMP's wholesale products are calculated. The model also supports NGA networks, including fiber access networks (FTTH).

Business models in electronic communications market

Lator business models can practically specify various business cases and opportunities in electronic communications market, including FTTH networks. The models enable analysis of DCF/NPV based economic indicators, which demonstrate a viability of business models of SMP operators, as well as alternative operators' models which use wholesale products of SMP operators. Such analysis can be a valuable tool for NRAs, when implementing regulatory remedies or planning long-term regulatory strategies.


  National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs)

Medium and large companies

Network operators and service providers

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