Medium and large companies  
Expertise in new and forthcoming technologies

New business processes, as well as continuous optimization of overall business activities in companies, often demand implementation of new telecom technologies. The dynamics of release and deployment of new technologies, does not leave enough time for their thorough understanding and evaluation of implementation in business processes. Considering our technical expertise, we offer you the consulting services that would enable you the precise planning and smooth deployment of new telecom technologies within your company.

Optimization of telecom infrastructure

It is of upmost interest of each company to have modern and cost efficient telecom infrastructure. Considering our expertise in this field, we offer to medium and large companies consultancy services of optimization of telecom infrastructure, aiming to improve overall business acitivities.

Preparation and evaluation of procurements of telecom services

The complexity of new telecom technologies and services, as well as the large amount of tariff packages and options that are present in the liberalized telecom market, make the process of selection of the appropriate solution for telecom services very difficult. We can facilitate this process, including also the public procurements, by offering you the consultancy services. Our previous experience and references present guarantee that you would get technologically optimal and cost efficient solution for telecom services within your company.


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Medium and large companies

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