About Us  
Lator offers consultancy services in telecommunications. Our mission is to give expert and reliable support to further development of Croatian telecommunications market, acting as an independent and competent partner through this process.

Local presence, along with excellent knowledge of technologies, regulations and business opportunities, present our competitive advantages in the domestic telecom market.

Lator is wholly Croatian owned company, whose core team is comprised of domestic experts with a several years’ experience in different areas of telecommunications.

Through access to relevant databases and daily insight into recent events, we are able to monitor and evaluate opportunities and trends in the telecom market objectively, with special focus on Croatian telecom market.
  Cooperation with academic community gives us review and insight into the new generations of telecom technologies, enabling us to evaluate their maturity and future market potential.

Working on projects, our knowledge and experience is supplemented through cooperation with external experts and companies, by creating expert teams according to the needs of a specific project.

We are ready to hear you and answer all your questions, as well as suggest solutions according to your needs. Contact us with confidence.

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